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hot spots in traffic, sunnyvale, northbound, 101 near fair oaks, a big rig accident and fuel spill and wood debris with only the left lane getting by. we have traffic backing up, now, in to sunnyvale and c.h.p. may have to close down one lane that is getting by to clean it up. they have issued a sig-alert in sunnyvale. highway 85 or 280 to avoid that. southbound 880 in oakland, blocking two lanes. there is an oil spill. when the tow truck gets there they will have to put absorbent down. it will be slow 880 at oakland area. >> what happens when the niners win sunday's big game? san francisco's top brass reveal their plans to tush violent celebrations. >> the incredible price some 49er fans are willing to pay for prime seats in the new santa clara stadium. >> first, the tech bytes. >> in today's tech byte a hack attack on "new york times" saying chinese hackers have been infiltrating the computer systems for four months and the attack started after a "new york times" investigation of their prime minister. a makeover for the blackberry. the new phones are running a new operating syste
accident. >> thanks, guys. back do sunnyvale with a sig-alert in effect north 101 before fair oaks or near fair oaks, beyond the lawrence expressway, and slow traffic now, and we have a live shot so we will look. here is what happens, the big rig hit the guardrail and blew the fuel tank. you can see the debris in the lanes, the wood debris there, so c.h.p. is on the scene, with lots of emergency vehicles there, and the glimmer of good news is that two lanes are getting by and you can see the two left lanes passing by the scene again, north 101 sig-alert in affect. to avoid this altogether, 85 or 280 of the good alternate routes. we have no estimated time of re-opening, the sig-alert north 101 sunnyvale yale, -- sunnyvale area. mike? >> we will start with live doppler 7 hd from new orleans. yesterday we tracked severe weather headed for katie marzullo for the super bowl festivities. look how clear it is now. temperature is 38 degrees. we freak out when it is cold and they freak out because it is that cold. it is clear today. tomorrow, too. all the way through the weekend. temperatures will
school both in sunnyvale have issued what's called a code red and both school are in lockdown. this as police search for an armed man in the area. now, we're hearing west valley elementary school may be affected as well. right now police are saying very little, but witnesses tell us that dozens of officers are gathering in body armor near the intersection of homestead road and the 1600 block of south bernardo avenue. this is a look at a google map to give smu perspective. you can see cupertino middle school right near 85 and homestead road, one of the two schools on lockdown right now. one of the people in the area who is witnessing all in that neighborhood joins us by phone right now. are you there right now? >> yes. >> thanks for your time. so where are you in perspective to all this action that's happening right now? >> i am just south of homestead high school right now in a parking lot of 7-eleven. >> and what are you seeing? >> so it looks like they've evacuated the kids that were in the pe class from homestead. they are all in the parking lot of the 7-eleven. >> and you
reported. >> a look outside at sunnyvale where the big rig has led to a >> good morning, sue, abc7 traffic center we go back to sunnyvale where the big rig didn't is blocking the two light lanes north 101. wood debris is still in the lanes. two left lanes are getting by. our app shows the backup past great america parkway and toward the expressway where traffic is basically at a stand still because of the accident. take 280 or 85, or caltrain is the great alternate. or download this free app for other alternates at apple app and google play. mike? >> good morning. we will look at live doppler 7 hd from new orleans, notice how quiet it is. yesterday we tracked severe weather, temperature now is 34 in new orleans which is exceptionally cold for them. almost like if san francisco was 34 right now. through the weekend temperatures hit the low-to-mid 60's and humidity coming up with lows in the mid 40's. at home, mid-to-upper 60's with sunshine. moving forward today and tomorrow, we will have our warmest afternoons and we will get near 70 away from the coast and low-to-mid 60's with a few more
brian floor is, tori campbell is off. again three schools are on lock- down in sunnyvale after someone reported seeing a gan man with a gun in the area. he was seen running away there. they have locked down these schools. these are live pictures as you can see there. police are searching the area but have found no gunman. you see a police presence there again. 10 minutes ago sheriff's officials began escorting them on to school buses. they are telling parents to go there for information about the incident. we will stay on that during this noon newscast. also at this noon news hour alameda county sheriffs are investigating an officer- involved shooting there. noel walker has been there since this morning and joins us from dublin with the latest there. >> reporter: the sheriff's mobile unit arrived within the hour which means they man to stay here a while. you can see where they are gathered beyond the crime scene tape and over to the side of them is y where this all happened 5 houses down from where i am standing in front of that house with the shrubs in front. we talked to a neighbor
. how a fire scene turned into a scream scene. >> reporter: we're live in sunnyvale where highway 101 has been closed for hours. we'll tell you what spilled on the freeway and when it will be back open. >>> it was said in a joking matter. >> damage control in a super bowl scandal you watched live on ktvu just moment the ago. a 49er -- moments ago. a 49er player talks about comments he made about gays. >>> and a tense situation in alabama. a little boy still a hostage. we'll take you live to alabama. "mornings on 2" begins right now. >>> well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's thursday, january 31st. >>> caltrans crews are working to clean up fuel from a big rig that crashed on northbound 101 in sunnyvale in the middle of the night. ktvu's janine de la vega joins us live from the scene with an update on the progress that's been made so far. good morning, janine. >> reporter: good morning. well, they are gonna open up all lanes of northbound 101 momentarily. you can see there's a street sweeper working to clear all of the debris. they a
investigation. live in sunnyvale, marla tellez, "today in the bay." >> right now an update to breaking news also in sunnyvale. cleanup still under way along highway 101 after an early morning crash causes a diesel spill on the freeway. a truck driver hit a pole before 3:00 this morning causing 20 to 30 gallons of diesel to spill from the fuel tank. the driver suffered a cut on the forehead. no word on the actual cause of this crash. for more on this traffic impact, let's check in with mike inouye who will tell us what's happening on the roads. >> good morning. jon told you about 20 or 30 gallons of fuel spilled. that's the initial estimate. a little bit more keeps dripping out. they have that leak. look at that. our photographer on the scene just talked to them saying it's 80 to 100 gallon tank there. they are sweeping up absorbant. we've seen them every few minutes walk over there and spread more of that kitty litter substance out there to absorb it. two lanes are blocked in the northbound direction. and they just have to get the proper equipment there. looks like they have arrived. 50-gallon d
now at 4:34. a cleanup is under way along highway 101 in sunnyvale after an early morning crash caused a diesel spill on the freeway. a truck driver hit a poll just before 3:00 this morning just north of the lawrence expressway on highway 101. the cause of the investigation still being investigated. chp officers say 20 to 30 gallons of diesel spilled out of the truck's fuel tank. at least one lane was blocked for a short time as crews tried to clean up that mess out there. the truck driver did suffer a cut on his forehead. >>> three men accused of tying an elderly couple, ransacking their home and stealing their cars will be in court today. james palmerson scheduled to enter pleas among charges they face robbery, kidnapping and false imprisonment. the district attorney office says the men carefully planned out this attack. police believe all these men were involved in a three-day crime spree in the bay area before last week's home invasion. >>> one man is in a hospital and another in police custody after a shooting in san jose. it happened right next to highway 101. police say the shoo
. this frees warning in effect and frost advisories for the bayshore. freezing in sunnyvale. that freeze warning and frost advisories continues. for the north bay, the inland valleys and the bayshore. take a look these frosty windshields. certainly, you are going to want to take your time tomorrow for the afternoon, temperatures are going to be improving. 50s for the most part. 56 in santa rosa. 54 and concord. they look at your extended forecast with warmer weather. but not tomorrow. it is still going to be chilly. temperatures will be on the up tech. low 60s. stay with us up teteticking up up for over 60,000 california foster children, nights can feel long and lonely. i miss my sister. i miss my old school. i miss my room. i don't want special treatment. i just wanna feel normal. to help, sleep train is collecting pajamas for foster children, big and small. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help make a foster child's night a little cozier. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child. >> pam: apple's dominance in the smart=phone market may be coming to
elementary school in sunnyvale. the trouble started after a shooting was reported this morning in sunnyvale. as police search for an armed suspect the schools were notified as a precaution. only cupertino middle school is in the actual search area- proper. homestead high school and west valley elementary school were just added as a precaution. people are being told -- parents are being told not to go to the schools to pick up children. no reports of any injuries at any of the schools. this is a precautionary move on the part of the police department and the school district in sunnyvale. we'll keep you posted throughout the broadcast. >>> in health news, the centers for disease control now says the flu has spread to all 50 states. health officials are saying cases are still rising here in the west. but they are leveling off or declining further east. the season's first flu case resistant to tamiflu was reported today. tamiflu is commonly used to treat the flu. so far, the flu has killed 37 children in the u.s. this year. about 100 children ar
information. live in sunnyvale, marla tellez, "today in the bay." >>> switching gears now at 5:01. 49ers and their quest for the sixth bowl trophy. once again interrupted by controversy this morning. the team is now trying to stay focused on sunday's big game. a difficult task after anti-gave comments made by chris culliver gained national attention. >> ahmed fareed joins us now. nothing short of a bonehead comment. the team focusing on the biggest game of its career. what's the overall mood of the team with this going on? >> reporter: absolutely right. any player should know that any comment they make could become national news and chris culliver was flying under the radar for the most part here at super bowl week. not doing a lot of interviews. that's sure to change after he made those comments as you mentioned derogatory toward gays. he would be opposed to having a gay player with him. culliver was doing an interview on media day with a comedian. became national news. >> any of them approach you? >> i don't do the gay guys. i don't do that. >> any on the 49ers? >> no. they don't got n
:00 and low 50's at 4:00 on the coast. >> if you have a smartphone, check out sunnyvale with an accident at 237 and 101. there is no slowing but it is in the right hand lane. no delays so far. north 101 at old oakland road we have another accident moved to the right-hand shoulder. it is a little bit slow beyond the seen as they move that from lane two to the right-hand shoulder. elsewhere we have a problem northbound 880 on the shoulder now cleared so that accident is looking good through fremont and getting busy on the east shore freeway moving to richmond and to the berkeley area and macarthur maze. kristen and eric? >> we follow breaking news from london where a helicopter crash in the middle of the city killed two people and injured 13. the two dead, one the pilot, the other is someone on the ground, it happened during the morning rush hour at midnight our time. the helicopter hit a crane on top of a high-rise building. they are working to secure the crane. there is no immediate danger of collapse. no word on the exact cause. it could take months to sort out. there are low clouds and
. no problems. milpitas and sunnyvale still in the green 7 minutes in those westbound lanes. we are watching this accident just cleared to the right-hand shoulder in san jose. northbound 101 approaching old oakland road. there are a few brake lights though. tends to get busy any way around this time of the morning. just a heads up. more of a visual distraction. back to you guys. >>> president obama is losing yet another member of his cabinet. the interior secretary ken salazar is ste down. according to the the "denver post" he is leaving the administration to spend more time with his family in colorado. secretary of state hillary clinton, defense secretary leon panetta, the treasury secretary geithner and the labor secretary hilda soliz are also leaving. >>> president obama will unveil his plan to reduce gun violence. cbs news says the plan calls for bans on assault weapons and high capacity magazines. it's also said to include criminal and mental health background checks for customers in all gun sales. the proposals would have to be approved by the ho
it is in the '20s. san mateo is also at the freezing level, a sunnyvale, novato is just one degree above that freezing mark. the area and i were comparing our boats this morning to keep our legs warm. 36 degrees in daly city, 37 richmond, a vallejo you are at 31. widespread 30's but as we get closer to summarize these numbers will drop. for this morning it was clear and cold and we had a freeze warning. we will talk about that in just a minute. it will still be a cool day but this evening will be clear with a calm wind. in the north bay and east bay for 9:00 temperatures are expected to be in the '20s and '30s. we could see some slick spots and also said the clara valley is also under the freeze warning. you could see the future color by 8:00 this morning is still in the 30's like oakland livermore san jose. close to the water we're looking at temperatures in the 40's. by noon we can see the blue which means we will still be in the 40's. not a whole lot of warming up today. we will only get up to the upper 50s in some spots. we will have plenty of sunshine though. high pressure is are do
christie smith is live in sunnyvale. christie, we're being told you just spoke with a man who actually made that 911 call. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. that one neighbor says, look, i did what anyone would do in this situation. he says he saw a burning home. he figured there were probably people inside. he banged on the door, couldn't get an answer. he even got a water hose and sprayed water on it. the woman who lived here was unable to get out of that room. >> and then i see flames in the window. so stopped the car, get out. >> reporter: michael had just finished walking his dog when he spotted a fire and did his best to help. >> start banging on the door, ringing the doorbell. and no answer. i don't hear anybody saying, what? or answering the door. i then hear the sirens. >> reporter: it was before midnight inside the plaza del ray mobile home community in sunnyvale. among the first to arrive, a police officer. >> the patrol officer came to the door, went inside and pulled them out. >> reporter: a unit in the rear was burning, smoke detectors blaring as firefighters made
in sunnyvale. this is a live look. northbound 101 approaching fair oaks avenue. we have a big rig accident and traffic is slow going. that accident is blocking three lanes right now. as you can see the truck in the accident not overturned but it was damaged. we also understand there's some damage to the guardrail in the area and light pole. a little fluid in the area so a lot of wood be debris in lanes. so traffic alert in effect. you may want to use 280 in the meantime. you have much more coming up. >>> one of the san francisco 49ers team members is apologizing for comments he made this week here in new orleans. the team is also apologizing and with more on that is cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran. good morning, cate. >> reporter: good morning. cornerback chris culliver is under heat because of this comment he made. >> i don't do the gay guys, man. i don't do that. >> are there any on th 49ers? >> nah, ain't got no gay people on the 49ers. they got to get up out of here. can't do no sweet stuff. >> is that true? >> yes. >> he apologized saying they ar
now and now above 2,000 feet. north of that, it turns over to rain towards to sunnyvale and cupertino and mountain view and fremont avenue, and 85 to mountain view and 237. all that area is getting light rain right now. as we look at the big picture it is sliding to the southeast and it will hug the coast so on the coast above 2,000 could see a dusting. you can see one shower moving through it turns over to snow in sonoma county. look what is upstream to the northwest today: more scattered showers and more chance of snow above 2,000 feet. >> the first look at the bay bridge toll plaza where it is slowing nicely. no major problems. no stalls or accidents around the bay area. that is good news. road work as we move to the san mateo bridge in the westbound direction, you are looking good with road work on the dumbarton bridge eastbound until 6:00 a.m. this morning and eastbound 4, that down to one lane because of road work, and westbound, though, leaving antioch to pittsburg is moving at the limit in the commute direction. eastbound 380 the ramp to north 101 is closed until 5:00 this mor
at cupertino middle school in sunnyvale. after a huge scare, it turned out to be a fake. marianne favro is live with reaction from students and parents. this is just not funny not in this time of so many shootings. >> reporter: absolutely. students were reunited with their parents this afternoon after a very frightening day. i have to tell you i talked to parents and while they say they are frustrated to learn that a student made up the entire story about a gunman being here on campus, they also say that they are incredibly relieved. officers with guns drawn carefully comb cupertino middle school this morning after a student reported seeing a gunman on campus. district leaders immediately put the school on lockdown. >> we were trapped in like a really small closet, our entire class. we didn't have like a little barricade. all 33 students were inside this small closet. >> reporter: while hundreds did their best to remain calm, the search continued. sunnyvale public safety officers used bolted cutters to check the inside of a storage shed while other officers navigated their way between classroom
the door. we are below freezing in fremont. sunnyvale is coming in at 37 degrees. it is up to 30's for santa clara. as we head into the afternoon it will be warmer and sunnier perry ed if you liked yesterday's you will like today. we will keep the sunshine around and the extended forecast will be dry into the middle of next week. >> we are still going well for the drive or around the area. we are not tracking any hot spots. we are not looking at the metering lights to just yet. if there is a problem on the peninsula of but it has not created any problems. there were a number of deer that were crossing the road perry e. there is no indication of any delays perry. there is slowing for interstate 580 perry. >> new this morning, anyone who was looking to get a flu shot this season know that they are not easy to find, with many places running out of the shots. we do know of a place this morning that should have them ready to go. we have kron 4 will tran in fremont this morning to tell us the place. >> it is $10 for those of you who have been looking for the shot. this is a blessing. whe
in sunnyvale. >> and picking a paint color can be hard to do. picking a brand can be even harder. michael finney and "security e ws i ve s,rsclto, y reoun'p yean e ws >> 6:24 on this thursday. we will have another chance of scattered showers down to the south. we talked about that a lot. today, we will have 57 in antioch and concord and san rafael. and 62 in san jose and santa cruz. if you travel around the best chance of wet weather is south of 80. the heavy rain falls around los angeles and san diego upper 60's to low 70's. safe travels. katie and eric? >> the paint possibilities are endless but do you have to spend a lot for a great if be? >> michael finney and our pans at "consumer reports" sometimes paying more is not bad. >> do you feel your home is looking drab? it is amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do. when it comes to choosing paint it goes way beyond color. >> gale is at the local hardware store looking at paints after a great experience repainting the bedroom. >> it looks brand new. >> a new color can be inexpensive way to get a whole new look say experts at "consumer r
departments calling on sunnyvale. >> it is having. if you're hired as a police officer, you can expect that you'll also be a firefighter, and a paramedic. it's a creative and cost effective way of protecting residents and the city's been doing it since 1950. but now as public safety budgets are shrinking just about everywhere, it's suddenly getting attention nationwide. >> i'm sure it's clear i'm ready to put it in my vehicle, slide the bolt forward. insert my magazine. >> they can anld an ar-15 assault rifle as skillfully as a hose on a fire apparatus. >> grab my turnouts. take them out, the boots, of course, we wear for protection our jacket and then my helmet. >> the officers of sunnyvale public safety function as law enforcement officers, firefighters and emergency medical technicians. it's been a cost-saving measure for the city pore more than six decades. >> when we compare ourselves to nearby municipalities, because of our smaller staffing forces, overall, our citizens pay several hundred dollars less for total public safety services. >> red is for fire personnel, blue is for pa
couple of nights. at 5:18, we have widespread and mid to upp eper 50s and 54 in y sunnyvale, we have a lot of haze, you can see it there. it's an area of high pressure that brought us the clear and sunny weather, it has compressed all of the dirt particles down to the surface, but it has made for great sunsets tonight, this is san francisco looking gorgeous. let's get you to big changes as we head to the up coming weekend, you can see this huge moisture tap in the pacific, still a couple hundred miles out, but it will move in quickly. the jet stream will push to the south and that will bring us a quarter to a half inch of rainfall as we head as early into saturday afternoon and lingering into sunday with winds at 15-20 miles an hour. so you need a jacket and umbrella. tomorrow, we will have cloud cover and scattered showers, but we will not get in on rainfall until we head to saturday afternoon. the timeline has sped up, that will push down through the south peninsula. it's going to get here sooner and not only rainfall here for the bay area, but up across the sierra, 2-5 inches. not
preocupados. s.o.t. capt. david verbrugge/policía de sunnyvale 15:27:05 the student has recanted their statement and there was never anybody on campus with a wepaon, or seen at all. alrededor de la una tarde, el capitn de la polica dijo que el o la estudiante se retract, y confes haber inventado la historia.. esta pareja tiene un nieto en la escuela. s.o.t. amelia oliva/abuela de estudiante 17:57:14 es injusto que jueguen con los sentimientos de las personas porque tenemos 2 horas de angustia pensando que están en peligro nuestros familiares y jugaron con la policía, y con nuestro tiempo y con el de ustedes. s.o.t. josé oliva/abuelo de estudiante 17:36:22 casi desde que empezó la alerta estuvimos aquí, fueron pasaditos de 2 horas y pues todas esas dos horas fueron angustia. la polica cerr la escuela intermedia cupertino, la primaria west valley, y la preparatoria homestead y calles aledaÑas mientras ms de dos docenas de oficiales buscaban al supuesto hombre armado. estas son fotografias de algunos de los estudiantes durante el operativo. autoridades no dieron a conocer el g
in novato. 58 in napa. 511 in areas right around san jose at the university. 52 saratoga. a 4 in sunnyvale. so under -- 54 in sunnyvale. a little cool. again, the last in a wave moving down the coastline. a little bit of rain you can see beingiced up over southern california. even a few sprinkles reported over the santa cruz mountains here. earlier this morning, and mountain view also reported a little bit of rain. so finally getting rid of this unsettled weather. idge are of high pressure -- ridge of high pressure will be rewinding in behind -- building -- building in behind it. for today, numbers similar to yesterday. as we get into wednesday, it will be pretty nice. a dry week ahead. cool mornings, our air quality will remain good to moderate around the region. here's a look at the highs. 55 san rafael. 57 in oakland. mid as for hayward -- 50s for hayward. upper 50s for parts of the north bay and the south bay. san jose, 56, a 7 in morgan hill. 55 los gatos. 57 in santa cruz. the extended forecast there showing you another chilly start tomorrow morning, under mostly clear skies. tempera
, sunnyvale and to be done degrees in san jose. as for the rainfall, taking a look at futurecast. it is well offshore. this is as far as the computer model will go. by 10:00 on saturday, a decent amount of rainfall. so let there could be some of moderate rainfall but it could be at least brief compared to other systems. dry and the rainfall will be returning. however, there will be drier conditions and warmer conditions as we go towards monday and tuesday. (cheers & applause) gabe slate tech report it looks like facebook is getting into the v i p it is being tested in canada, but voice over internet protocol. there would be an option to call a facebook friend put it would be using your phone but it would be using the web technology. it sounds great to connect with people in other countries. and there is a second new feature that was just released. it is available right to know and this could support voice mail, forever. using your voice message for a free mobile message application for smart phones. both android and apple. you are able to send these messages and after you compose a message,
northbound with headlights passing toward sunnyvale and cupertino and light traffic conditions here and fog free for the moment in san he. christian and -- kristen and eric? >> lobbying north korea, what is being demanded during a controversial trip. >> look, mom, no hands, a new gadget unveiled at the consumer electronic shows and how it promises >> here we go. the numbers show 54 in san francisco, richmond and san rafael and 55 and 56 in oakland and fremont and appeal alto and san jose, no scattered showers this afternoon. the storm system is to the north where the showers and snow will stay above 80. to the south, spring-like low-to-mid 70's around los angeles, and sierra, snow this evening and snow showers tomorrow and sunshine and great skiing by friday. eric? >> the breaking news is in new york. this is live pictures, aerials of the injured people being taken off a ferry that had a hard landing. it hit a pier in lower manhattan. there are a dozen injuries reported on the c street ferry which hit the dock pulling into pier 11 before 6:00 our time. 12 people are injured. minor injuries
for others such as here in sunnyvale. they say all the overnight facilities will house more homeless people than usual tonight but because of the freezing temperatures they will not turn anyone away. >> if you are looking for the beauty in the cold weather, you will find it in the santa cruz mountains. this if the first time they have seen snow. >> it's exciting. it's really cool. i've never seen it this close to home. >> what is rare treat for some is unwelcome for other visitors. he doesn't seek out the cold, he endures it. >> it's freezing outside. i mean even in the daytime, i'm doing this. >> they offer comfort to the homeless. they have this year round shelter in san jose and in the winter months open armories in sunnyvale and gilroy. >> our mission is to help all that need a warm, safe place to stay. we provide meals and medical attention if needed. >> and plants need protection. >> i think there is a big risk. i don't want to lose them. they are in pots. >> nursery workers say watering and breathable fabric can add a layer of protection. even burlap works. >> what they do is provide
for that smoke particle pollution, but not the case today. right now, 58 already in san jose. look at sunnyvale. 63 degrees there. 53 in san francisco. a little cooler on the coast. those numbers in the low 50s. you can see the winds offshore now, hinting at high pressure strengthening just off to our west. with the view from the city cameras there, good to moderate air quality. no spare the air day today. enough of a breeze to keep the atmosphere mixed closer to ground level. as we head into friday, santa cruz could get close to 70, then we'll see a cooldown as we approach the weekend. we'll show you why we don't have any clouds. no high clouds or storm related clouds. those are being steered off north of the jetstream, moving up to seattle and british columbia. you can see how the clouds are backing away from the coast. the offshore wind fanning away, giving us mostly sunny skies. look at this on the hour by hour forecast. today, tomorrow, friday, all the way into saturday. that's letting you know that high pressure is not going anywhere. we'll see low clouds approach the coast into saturday
and sunnyvale is jammed up in the northbound direction. we have been tracking it for several hours now at lawrence expressway on highway 1 01. the two right lanes are shut down right in the middle of all the action is like kron4 is micha's mike pelton. >> of little bit of progress is being made out here, you can see the crews trying to get the debris and struck out of the roadway. this all happened before 3:00 this morning the big rig you see hit the guard rail. you can see some of the debris and damage. this guard rail that was it just before 3:00 after he hit the guard rail at disabled his vehicle. they can't move it because it is leaking fuel. 30 gal. of are the lead on to the roadway. they need to get all of the fuel out of the tank and get it into safe containers. there and the process of draining the fuel. they have two lanes of traffic open and you can see traffic crawling by. this is causing a nightmare commute furred the driver is out here this morning. there is no word on this along this is going to take to clear all you can see they have a ways to go. the driver told chp tha
name the newborn. >>> sunnyvale's yahoo! helping to push futures higher this morning. for that and details before the opening bell, let's turn things over to jackie deangelis at cnbc world headquarters. >> yahoo! may push tech sector higher today but futures are actually slightly lower on wall street. this after the markets took a breather on monday. we saw the dow snapping a seven-day win streak and of course tech is going to be in focus with that yahoo! report and there's a lot of other earnings that will be coming out today and some data. we've got home prices and consumer confidence, earnings. we'll hear from ford and pfizer. fed kicking off a two-day meeting but likely to keep to the message keeping rates low for an extended period of time. the dow fell yesterday and nasdaq edged slightly higher four points up to 3154. a fun story and sugar rush this morning for the markets. hostess agreeing to sell brands to mckee foods. the price tag on that deal $27.5 million. the lineup includes the namesake of drake's cakes and devil dogs. i'm sure you're familiar with those
of sunnyvale now. they have been able to reopen a second lane so now two left lanes are getting by after this big rig accident northbound 101 approaching fair oaks avenue. this was the scene just a little while ago. caltrans crews are still working hard to clean up. out towards the bay bridge, we understand they have just finished that testing of the lights on the upper deck on the western span as lawrence just mentioned. so now no delay getting into san francisco by the way at the bay bridge toll plaza. let's go back to our maps. this is the latest on that big rig accident once again northbound 101 at fair oaks. you can see it is still slow in the area, 34 miles per hour. drive time is 13 minutes on northbound 101 between 280 and highway 237. and a quick update now on this is in the east bay. all lanes clear as of about 10 machines ago southbound 880 approaching embarcadero. that's a check of traffic. back to you. >>> an emotional plea from former congresswoman gabrielle giffords yesterday for action on gun violence. >> violence is a big problem. too
in fremont. 614 redwood city and sunnyvale. >> satellite and radar shows a lot of wet weather activity in portions of the state. most of it is adding to our south we are currently experiencing some heavy, a moderate rain in the monterey area. >> we have the potential for a spotty showers to link into the afternoon here in the bay area. the chance diminishes as we head into later tonight. >> expect clouds, a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures on the cooler side and the potential for a stray showers. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows we do have a chance as we head into tomorrow. by walking through future cast 4 and my next report. >> saturday and sunday showers. >> the next system will drop down from the gulf of alaska. not much moisture. it will tap into a lot of cole, arctic air. it will settle into the bay area. temperatures will be on but cooler side as we start the next work weeks. >> meantime in the traffic desk it is quiet. >> the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza nothing to concern with a typical ride out of oakland to san francisco. >> the san mateo bridge
upper 40's. it will be 40's for sunnyvale and mountain we do have low 50s along the delta. the east bay shore will mainly have low 40's. upper 40's is expected for the coast and about 50 degrees for downtown san francisco. we will finish it off in the north bay with upper 40's and '50's. it will be 48 degrees for petaluma and san rafael. >> for those of you who are born to the 49ers games will be in the upper 50s. as we take a look at the 7 day around the bay will have a cool morning trend that will continue perez it is not until we had into next with that we see things will start to warm-up perez >> and mudslide in the berkeley hills closes a bill in a portion of a major role near the lawrence berkeley lab. the hill started sliding last month and it seemed to be getting worse. the lab close the macmillan road and building 46 which is the workplace for administration staffers. the lab install pumps and they dug trenches to take the pressure off the hillside. officials say it is unclear how long the hill will continue to slide. but, until it is stabilized, the road in the building will b
have a growing hot spot. >> no. down 101 of a large expressway and sunnyvale. we have a sig alert posted the three lanes shutdown. >> the big rig has to be tolwed. the chp is waiting for caltran to arrive on the scene to get the wood debris out of the lanes. one lane of traffic is open to commuters. it is not providing a back up just yet. you will see green on the road way censors. if it sticks around it could be a messy commute. we are sending a live crew to the scene. you can see the green on the road way censors indicates speeds over 50 mi. per hour. >> more information in my next report. in the meantime let's look at the bridges. >> the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza looks good. some overnight construction still in effect until five once you make your way past the meter lights. >> if no accidents at the san mateo bridge. the drive 12 minutes from end to end. >> south bound 101, the golden gate a trip of 23 bids from navato into san francisco. >> thank you erica. >> you mentioned nasty weather take a look. this is darnestoown marilyn. flooding was caused by heavy rains--
and, as you can imagine put lots of families on edge. marianne favro is live in sunnyvale with reaction from parents and students. not a good time for this to happen. >> reporter: absolutely not, jessica. there were a lot of hugs here this afternoon as students were reunited with their parents after a very frightening day. after the recent school massacre in connecticut, parents tell me they feel a heightened sense of relief. officers with guns drawn, students inside reacted to words there may be a gunman on campus. a and we were playing basketball and we heard there was a code red, somebody on campus with a weapon. and then we had to hide behind the curtains. >> it was scary knowing how this could actually be happening and just remembering what happened in newtown. i didn't want it to turn out like that. >> we were trapped in a really small closet, our entire class. we didn't have a barricade. all students inside the small closet. >> reporter: she says they remained in the closet nearly two and a half hours while sunnyvale public safety officers respond responded to a stu
. freezing in san jose. sunnyvale, of redwood city, 32 degrees. and the low is right at freezing in frisco. the bay shore, and for the self bay, until 9:00 a.m., sub-freezing temperatures for the south bay. again, you are going to want to give yourself some extra time in case you have your frosty windshield. whittle mid '50s for the most part. upper 50s. whit-low mid '50s. santa rosa, with the low-mid '80s. and tomorro very cold. if haazig madyun haazig mady and temperatures are going to be run 40 degrees. and 60. >> pam: a surge in bart ridership is welcome news to the transit agency, but it is a different story for the riders themselves. kron 4's dan kerman has a look at the numbers. and how the transit system is trying to keep pace. >> if you've been noticing board is a little bit crowded these days or not alone. with people getting ready to go into san francisco in the morning and afternoon. take a look at this station. there was a line to get on and it was quoted. but by that time i got to the embarcadero, for that about it. you see it that it is standing room only. you might be on yo
of assault who boarded hurricane train in the area of sunnyvale and, nor shore. her quick response to notify central control and police and ambulance while providing compt to the victim until the police and arrival of the ambulance has earned her recognition today. on tuesday, november 20 20 12 miss [stkwro-pb/]son witnessed a robbery in progress on the corner of or and corbett streets. as her coach was approaching the scene she took immediate action, instantly notifying central control and requesting police assistance. the prompt response by hitting the panic button resulted in the hasty retreat of the robber. consequencely saving the victim from more serious marm. we would like to thank both of you for finding such a fine scene ofle of customer service while demonstrating the highest standard of integrity. on behalf of the sfmta, and staff, i would like to thank both of you for your unselfish commitment, tireless cooperation and working towards providing a safer transportation experience for everyone. presenting these awards is john haley, director of transit services. >> good afternoon,
. >> we have been following a big rig accidents for three hours northbound 101 coming into sunnyvale. traffic, if chopper 5 can zoom back, is stacked up into santa clara. the backups continue to grow. two lanes are blocked, blocked since about 2:50 a.m. that's when that accident first was reported. the problem is, there was some damage to the guardrail. 30 gallons of fuel spilled right there approaching that fair oaks avenue exit. wood debris all over. so there's a lot of clean-up going on. no major injuries but again that is what it looks like if you are behind this mess on 101 so don't get caught in this. use 280 free and clear right now. highway 85. also caltrain another great option and so far everything is rolling along all trains on time. let get a quick look at the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights yet. this is just your usual pattern not too bad. just some slight delays in a couple of the cash lanes. that's traffic. back to you. >> thank you. >>> 6:06. and michelle, we've heard a lot about new orleans. we know all about their j
. about 60 degrees and sunny in sunnyvale. as you make your way to the east bay maybe not quite as warm but not bad. 57 degrees in pleasanton. 57 in livermore. and about 56 degrees in concord. inside the bay we'll find some sunshine too and temperatures as high as 60 degrees in oakland. 57 in san francisco. a little bit of a sea breeze in toward the afternoon. but the weather looks like it's going to get nicer over the next few days. high pressure building in and it's a very strong ridge so likely going to see some mid- 60s some places maybe even warmer than that through friday and saturday staying nice and dry right through the weekend. in fact, no rain for the next five to zen days but elizabeth, that may all change next week. >> no. >> yes! i think by the end of next week we start to talk about rain again. >> i remember last year too just a little break of spring in the middle of january and then february comes. >> then row at hits. >> yeah. okay. thank you, lawrence. >>> let's go out live right now. no major hot spots. a lot of overni
moon bay with 66 degrees. that was one of our warmest, sunnyvale, 63, san jose, 61. look at that, by thursday, temperatures likely dropping into the 40s for daytime highs across parts of the north bay where santa rosa could go down to 49. we have this huge dome of cold air that's going to be sliding in from the gulf of alaska. that mainly arriving wednesday night into thursday for some of the coldest air of the season. we'll have a chance here with isolated showers and extremely low snow levels. in fact, snow levels could go as low as 1,000 feet. we're not expecting several inches, just a dusting at this point, but it looks like that can happen at twin peaks, skyline boulevard, highway 17 and mission peak back into the ea bay. so we'll talk more about this ever-changing forecast over the next seven days. and we'll have details on what all this means for the upcoming weekend in a few minutes. >>> now to big-city politics. san jose is looking for a new top cop, but even before they've made this hire, the city is being criticized. at issue, the questions that the city council plans
of the commute but no so pretty in south bay. >> sig-alert in sunnyvale. sue? >> good morning, everyone. fuel spilled on the road beyond fair oaks northbound wrote we only one lane, the right lane is getting by. c.h.p. may have to close that off. a big rig hit the median. there is debris in the lanes. there is a fuel spill. a sig-alert is issued north 101. our app shows the slow traffic in the northbound direction. we will follow this today. this is in sunnyvale. >> good morning, everyone. live doppler 7 hd shows you how clear it is. lack of clouds in most areas. they are offshore because of the land breeze. it is pushing them over the ocean. we have fog over the north bay. temperatures are cooler this morning. you can see mid-to-upper 30's inland and low-to-mid 40's around the bay shore. san francisco is the warm spot at 49. this afternoon, it will be warmer than yesterday. we will have temperatures hanging out in 61 along the coast to near 70 around the bay and inland. kristen? >> this morning, a san francisco 49er player will apologize publicly in new orleans and explain his controversial
-def doppler working. rain hugging the coast. look like we have a little rain moving over sunnyvale, sar towing go, and again these are just hit-or-miss showers, saratoga. the majority of the area is dry. in the clear through millbrae, south san francisco. and these showers will slowly begin to taper off throughout the day. behind that front, we have cold temperatures. yesterday may have been the coolest day that we'll see for the next seven days -- the warmest day that we could see for the next seven days. look right now. it is cold and going to get colder still boy tomorrow morning. we already got those freeze warnings and frost vice ris in effect so temperatures mainly above freezing. santa rosa only 31 but for the most part above freezing in livermore, san francisco and concord. so your overall highs today struggling to get out of the upper 40s to very low 50s. coming up a check of the seven- day forecast. in the meantime, let's hit the roads. here's gianna with traffic. >> thank you. we are getting reports of a broken-down vehicle at the bay b
rosa. 40 in oakland. san mateo have dropped below the freezing mark. we are at freezing in sunnyvale. 40 in pleasanton. when speed with our scene sustained winds of 10 mi. per hour for santa rosa and navato with a gust up to 20 mi.. the temperatures will feel like low to mid-20s to some spots when you factor in the man. youend the wind. >> the national weather service has canceled a frost advisory that was in the a qua colored for the san francisco area. and a freeze warning for the s f shoreline. >> it has been cancelled. for the north bay interior valleys in santa clara valley's the warning is still in effect. >> is expected to expire at 9:00 a.m.. >> 52 in san francisco parish 53 in oakland. fremont coming in at 51. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows on a weather is on the way. by the end of this week we will see sunshine and temperatures in the '60s. pleasant forecast as we head into the next couple of days. >> in over to the traffic center no hot spots still very quiet as you leave for work or school. >> the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza a handful of cars
because of a couple of different accidents. better news. in sunnyvale, finally just a few minutes ago all lanes back open. northbound 101 at fair oaks. but look at that backup. it extents all the way to san jose. new accident northbound 280 by 11th street so 101 and your alternate are both backed up. here's your drive time right now in the red. guadalupe parkway looking good. that is traffic. for your forecast, here's lawrence. >> we have a gorgeous day coming up. out there now, a couple of patches of fog, otherwise clear skies overlooking the financial district in san francisco. that patchy fog there. but we are going to clear things out nicely. temperatures right now in the 30s and 40s. by the afternoon, sunshine all the way to the coast. about 68 degrees in oakland. 66 in san jose. and 63 in san francisco. beautiful weather in the next couple of days. cooling off next week. >>> this is interesting. a new study conducted by the public religious institute says 27% of americans believe that god has a hand in determining which team wins. so you're
in san mateo and sunnyvale. san jose at 32 degrees. sunnyvale also at 33. the numbers will drop a little more in the next four to five minutes and so. temperatures elsewhere in vallejo it is cold. that is our coldest spot at 27 degrees. santa rosa at 29. navato dropped to 28 degrees. fremont and pleasanton in the mid to upper '30's. we do have a freeze warning in effect for some locations including the north bay, east bay interior valley and santa clara valleys. >> we would not warm up a whole lot it will be a cool is not chilly day. more details on a forecast including the 7 day a bit later. first years erica with their traffic. >> here is a to go back up that the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. the heaviest traffic coming from the east shore freeway. no delays to talk about for those of you using the 880 over crossing. conditions for the rest of the bay area sluggish. southbound 68 where it meets tie with 242. 580 slow or halt the onslaught pastorate in a drive on tracy to the 5 80/680 interchange clocking in at under 40 minutes. the east shore freeway is the typical slow and go
on fortune's list. cbs 5 reporter ann notarangelo with why employees are sold on sunnyvale's net app. >> reporter: net app a 20-year- old sunnyvale company with 12,000 employees worldwide happy employees. >> such a great company. >> reporter: employees who proudly pose with their coworkers and company coffee mugs, that is when they aren't busy innovating new ideas on data storage and management, hardware and software. "fortune" magazine named net app one of the best 100 companies to work for in the country coming in number 6. it's an annual tradition. their 11th year ranked, the fifth in the top 10. employees and managers talk about leaders who are clear about what them, understand people are their most critical aspect to success and walk the talk with values like trust, integrity, simplicity and team work. >> the difference between that net app and other companies is really build a company that is build on values that we try and model. >> reporter: audrey worked here six years. she was drawn to net app because of its reputation and it exceeded her
through the screen coming from slow and moving toward sunnyvale and cupertino. very light traffic here. to san rafael, this is 101 beyond the marin ymca and traffic is light from novato, as well, and fog free. a small area of issue north 880 in fremont at thornton we have an accident in the middle lane but now cleared to the shoulder. we have eastbound leverage with a few more minutes for road work with a detour in place. there are yellow sensors and westbound is moving nicely toward concord. the drive times from the central valley, show highway four commute less than 20 minutes and the east shore freeway is 20 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. >> it is 4:57. people who eat a lost fish from the dope sea could get more than they bargained for. a new study finds wide-spread unsafe levels of mercury in people and fish because of ocean contamination. researchers checked hair samples from peck in eight countries and found 82 percent exceeded the safe level of mercury from the epa. high levels of mercury can cause damage to the brain, the heart, the kidneys and the imm
of this week and into next week. livermore, 56. back to average. san jose, 59. sunnyvale, 58. sunshine in san ramon. mill valley 55, san francisco 56. tomorrow though, some inland spots will hit 60. mid-60s by thursday and friday. and look at all that sunshine for the weekend! including the holiday on monday. it's all about the sunshine. we just have to be patient for the warming to get here. hopefully no pipes broken tonight. >> no, i have had people who tried to turn the water on in the morning and no water. frozen. [ laughter ] >>> back in the day, working your way through college meant working a minimum wage job. now some young women are seeking sugar daddies. a cbs 5 reporter tells us the trend is picking up at a couple of northern california universities. >> reporter: when i went to college, i waited tables and worked in the dorms. it never dawned on me that there was a different service i could provide. >> i answer phone, i get lunch for my boss. >> reporter: maybe that's old fashioned. as tuition climbs, more students are looking for better-paying jobs with a different kind of boss. n
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